Interprofessional Training – elaborating a blueprint for IPE in Germany

As an effect of experience gathered in Sweden, several clinical training wards are opened now in Germany. Most projects are linked to the IPE initiative taken by the Robert Bosch Foundation who is funding exchange among interested parties as well as capacity and institution building. It aims at encouraging a slow transformation of undergraduate education and continued education towards IPE.
A series of joint study trips, seminars by Swedish experts and several publications have some impact on teaching and learning. Projects initiated or planned are tentative and pragmatic arrangements in often rather experimental settings. Moreover, the interest is focusing on Clinical Training Wards. Accordingly, there might be too little attention paid to other forms of interprofessional learning. Moreover, there is some competition upcoming between the universities and teams.
The Robert Bosch Foundation aims at continuing its transformative stimulation by strengthening the common ground and also by offering another study trip to Stockholm in November 2019.