Our profile

formative works is an agency that has been carrying out consulting and evaluation assignments for public administrations and private sector companies as well as for universities and foundations in the fields of education & training as well as health policy since 2008.

It also conducts its own projects in health systems research and  educational research.

Our expertise lies in strategy development, organisational consulting and process optimisation, as well as in evaluations carried out in the education and health sectors.

We organize and lead conferences, workshops and study tours. We contribute to the success of these events in Switzerland and in European countries through our speeches and statements, inputs and presentations. 

About our name, formative works

formative works is a play on words.

The formative approach is a didactic conception of learning processes.

The method and the results are used for shaping, “formation”, hence design and formatting.
The approach is derived from the formative evaluation. It is an action-research type of support within projects and case studies. The aim is to quickly optimize the contents, axes of intervention or structures through a learning process.

A formative approach is accompanying, iterative, with a high degree of participation of the participants and a direct reference to quality assurance.

formative works: the name says it all and stands for the conviction that professionally accompanied learning experiences with rapidly recognizable improvements are indispensable for increased efficiency and effectiveness.