Evaluation of the pilot project “Medical care for people without health insurance in the city of Zurich”

The city of Zurich has been running a three-year pilot project for people without health insurance since June 2021. The aim of the project is to ensure basic medical care for people without health insurance whose place of residence is in the city of Zurich, in accordance with the Swiss Health Insurance Act. This includes, on the one hand, access to medical treatment and, on the other hand, the examination of the possibilities of taking out health insurance and the associated entitlement to individual premium reductions. The pilot project aims to optimize the cooperation between different agencies, to ensure the financing of the medical services provided and thereby to improve access to health care for people without health insurance.
The accompanying external evaluation examines the results and achieved effects of the measures taken, difficulties in the implementation, the interaction of the various actors, the achievement of the intended target groups, the quantitative and qualitative use of the care offer as well as the key data of the users. The aim is to examine the implementation, feasibility and benefits of the measures implemented with a view to transferring them to permanent operation and to draw up proposals for improvement.