Strengthen paediatric palliative care – better involve paediatricians

Swiss Paediatricians are increasingly involved in the care of children with life-limiting conditions. A pilot study showed that many are insufficiently prepared for the tasks that arise. On the one hand, practice paediatricians find that they become “marginal figures” in the care network and that many uncertainties exist. On the other hand, they would like practical, professional and organisational support in order to improve the quality of care at home and also the quality of life of the affected children and families during a difficult time.

Together with pro pallium (, two main goals are being pursued in a nation-wide project:

– On the one hand, the extent to which paediatricians are confronted with life-limiting illnesses is to be documented in a representative sample.

– On the other hand, a guide and instruments for practical support are being developed in close cooperation with an advisory board from paediatric practice; in addition, further training modules are being designed, among other measures.